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Generating highly targeted leads
Research, information gathering and Reporting
Understanding your data and extracting the facts
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Information is the lifeblood of modern business. Without a constant flow of new, accurate information and the correct interpretation of it, businesses grind to a halt.

For over ten years JRP Information Services have been providing essential market information, data processing and data analysis to businesses worldwide. Our distinctive pedigree of business experience and academic excellence gives us clear advantages over our competitors in terms of analytical insight and commercial realism.

Managing a the data requirements of a modern business can be difficult and it pays to have someone on your side who can deal with your data problems while you concentrate on your business.

We can:

  • Generate Sales Leads
Our lead-capture system, based on solid experience and the latest technology, is dedicated to providing fresh, highly-targeted leads to our clients as quickly and economically as possible. keep reading...
  • Information gathering and research

The Internet has become a key source of information for business. But often, key information is not readily available to the search engines, it's buried several layers deep - we know how to find the data you want, even if it's not on the web. And when you've got your data you need to know if it's meaningful, if it provides the full picture and if it's really what you need to know. keep reading...

  • Data analysis

Gathering information is only the first step in a pathway of understanding. Knowing how to analyse it to extract valuable facts is central to its value. Without appropriate analysis the true value of costly information is seldom realized. keep reading...


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